App Name: My Chef
Tagline: Enough Thinking, Cook, and enjoy.
Every day my wife and I spend time thinking about what we will eat tomorrow, and sometimes we don’t have the necessary grocery for a specific meal, and it’s too late to go shopping, according to that the idea comes with my chef app.
My chef app solves this issue by offering meals where you can schedule them in your favorite list for a week or so. Moreover, generate a grocery list to buy.
1. Create menus for your weekly meals or use what is most popular.
2. Show a suggested menu of meals by image and title depending on your region and location.
3. Generate a grocery list depending on your chosen weekly meals list.
4. Edit and customize your menus, recipes ingredients, and grocery.
1. Moms who work full-time with children.
2. Couple with a different taste of food.
3. Students who live alone.
4. People want to start a diet and eat healthily.
Lisa 25 years old from New York. She’s a student abroad in Japan. She’s studying chemistry and lives in a shared house with some of his other fellow students. She’s always busy studying. She likes japan’s lifestyle and watching anime.
Well, she fits some of my roles. She lives in a shared house, she’s 25 years old and a student so she probably doesn’t have much time to think about food. She likes japan’s lifestyle, and she would like to learn some Japanese recipes.
1. Minimize waste time and focus on other parts of life.
2. Organise your grocery list, and save time and money.
3. Keep favorite local dishes from being lost or forgotten.
4. Make money from the app.

This project is a final assignment of the Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture course.
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